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Elyssa Faith


I write and sing songs but most of all I want to share my stories to people that want to hear it and maybe make a place where we are able to take a step out of reality for a while.

Elyssa Faith is part of the new breed coming through in Australian Country Music. First introduced to Country through the “Nashville sound” Elyssa has been drawn to the beauty of Americana.  Her singer songwriter style and has found a voice in between both styles and gives her a place to call her own.


Telling stories of hope, heartache, good times and truth. Elyssa shares an experience far beyond that of her 14 years.

Elyssa has been singing for more than half her young years and loves to share her stories in song.


Elyssa would love for you to join with her and not only hear her music but share in her journey. Elyssa will play in the Incy Wincy Cyder Bar at Paddock Sessions 2019.

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