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Imogen Clark Band


When an artist first emerges at a young age, they often have a limited well of knowledge and experience to draw from, yet on her debut Love & Lovely Lies, Imogen Clark captured, with great clarity, that sense of blossoming creativity and wide-eyed innocence as it segued into the joy and pain of negotiating young adulthood. Fast forward two years and Imogen is taking another creative leap forward with the release of her second album Collide. 

With two years of touring, collaborating and living behind her, she’s been able to take the themes of her debut and delve deeper into their meanings and repercussions, embracing and exploring both the dark and light sides of the human condition.

“What I really wanted for this record was for it to be a crossover record. I’m influenced by so many genres of music and while I’ve mostly worked in the alt-country/Americana world up until now, I was also raised on rock and folk music. I wanted there to be elements of all those genres on the record and I’m really glad we achieved that.”

"There is plenty of fairy dust currently surrounding Imogen Clark... her new album Collide is an album of its time, reflecting life as a twenty-something woman in a challenging world... Produced by Mark Lizotte, this album oozes class, sensitivity and style, and marks Imogen as a talented and distinctive performer with a unique way of seeing and conveying the subtleties of life."

Country Music Capital News.


"[Collide] presents multiple styles and pushes the boundaries of [Imogen's] past alt-country/Americana sounds by incorporating influences of rock and folk music. Her lyrics are spot-on and exhibit the emotion that runs through so many life experiences. There is great musicianship throughout Collide... [a] very polished and professional album" 

- Staccatofy - 9.2 / 10.


"...A great talent" - Richard Wilkins, Channel 9.

"Imogen Clark shines as a world class talent" - Renowned For Sound - Love & Lovely Lies review - 4.5 stars.

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