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Piper Butcher

A proud Novacastrian with a passion for music and a love of entertaining!!

Piper Butcher has been singing almost as long as she has been talking. As a 2 year-old, she used to sing the ‘oh oh’ part in Landslide. Now just 14, Piper is starting to pave her way in Newcastle’s music scene.

Although Piper has been singing for all her life, she only started playing guitar when she was 10. “I was picking up dad’s old guitar at first. I knew how to play the Ukulele and knew that the bottom string on it was the same as the top string of a guitar,” Piper says. She began learning riffs based on that one string and slowly progressed to three chords. “Dad taught me Sweet Home Alabama, so I started plating that. I got my fingers right and started to play guitar properly.”

Her first public appearance was at The Hood Milk Bar Open Mike with Harry Hookey. Initially, Harry wanted Michelle to play tambourine, but  Piper played  guitar. She sang "Heartbreak" by Angus and Julia Stone with Harry playing the harmonica next to her.

IN 2018, Piper ventured to Barmera, South Australia Music Festival where she won both the Under 14 Talent Quest and the Frank Harding Open Category Award. 

When asked about her musical influences, Piper's response:  “I love the Foo Fighters. It’s a branch out from what I do but I really love their music. Phil Collins is my guilty pleasure. He is absolutely awesome.”

At just 14 years of age we are honoured and proud to host Piper on the #PS19 stage. We couldn't be more excited.

credit to creative collections 

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