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Hayley Marsten


Magic. Moving. Tragic. Confusing.

With its grand – and apt – title, Spectacular Heartbreak is a cohesive and assured document of loss, acceptance and self-reflection. It’s the work of an artist embracing herself, finding strength and a new perspective. You can sense the expanding distance between the songwriter and the pain, standing on the outside looking in.

“The album name is super dramatic but I think the songs either fall into being about ‘spectacular’ or ‘heartbreaking’,” Marsten says. 


For Spectacular Heartbreak, Marsten continued her working relationship with producer Matt Fell, recording at his (also aptly titled) Love Hz studio in Sydney.

“When we went into the studio I told Matt my main vision for the album was that it be reflective of who I am as a person – a little bit dramatic, with a lot of personality and fun. He really flipped for it and totally ran with my ideas of getting strings and letting my friend and country musician Arna Georgia whistle on one of the tracks.”

Watch the 'Red Wine, White Dress' music video here!

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